Demonstrate swim stroke proficiency of at least 15 continuous stroke cycles
10 minute survival swim
50 feet underwater swim, 1 breath

450 yards snorkel swim, non-stop
Recover diver from about 10 feet
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Water entries and exits
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Surface dives
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Surface swimming
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Clearing the snorkel
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Ditching the weight belt
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Buoyancy control
Perform Skin Diving Technique: Underwater swimming and surfacing

Pre and Post Dive Skills: Select, check, assemble, and don equipment
Pre and Post Dive Skills: Pre-dive gear check for self and buddy
Pre and Post Dive Skills: Defog masks
Pre and Post Dive Skills: Doff, rinse, and care for gear
Surface Skills: Entries and exits
Surface Skills: Perform surface buoyancy/weighting check
Surface Skills: Surface communications for divers
Surface Skills: Orally inflate/deflate own and buddy's BC
Surface Skills: At surface remove (in turn) equipment
Surface Skills: Face submerged, breathe through snorkel, rest/swim
Surface Skills: Face submerged, breathe through water in snorkel
Surface Skills: Release simulated cramp for self and buddy
Surface Skills: Entry/exit, use of float/flag (if applicable)
Ascent/Descent Skills: Control pressure in air spaces
Ascent/Descent Skills: Control feet first descent with breath or BC
Ascent/Descent Skills: Controlled ascent with precautionary stop
Underwater Skills: Give, recognize, and respond to U/W signals
Underwater Skills: Mask clearing, including remove and replace
Underwater Skills: Remove, replace, and clear primary regulator
Underwater Skills: Primary regulator recovery
Underwater Skills: Hover without support
Underwater Skills: Use of buddy system
Underwater Skills: Monitor air supply- communicate amount
Underwater Skills: Environmental and compass navigation
Underwater Skills: Compass navigation, bearings, and reciprocal
Planning Skills: Surface air consumption calculation
Planning Skills: Plan then make no-deco dive between 40-60 feet
Planning Skills: Calculate repetitive no-deco dive using tables
Environmental Skills: Diving with minimal impact on environment
Environmental Skills: Marine life identification
Emergency Skills: Transport 50 yards simulated exhausted buddy
Emergency Skills: Share air both as donor and receiver
Emergency Skills: Perform controlled emergency swimming ascent
Emergency Skills: Alternate air share both as donor/receiver
Emergency Skills: Retrieve unconscious diver from 10 feet

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