Advanced Open Water Program
(Educational Components, Certification Dives, and Certification Card)
Includes: Deep, Drysuit, Night, Navigation, Nitrox, and Search & Recovery.

Once you're a certified diver and have some dives under your belt, you can continue your diving education by taking these specialty courses. By taking my Advanced Open Water Diver program, you will enhance your diving ability with real diving skills that you will learn to use on every dive. Build your confidence by diving deeper, at night, easily find your way around, and even discover lost treasures!

Believe it or not, there are programs that tell you you'll become an "Advanced Diver" by doing another five dives and "experiencing" what it's like to engage in some of the fun specialties that are available throughout the industry. Being advanced is understanding conditions that don't occur all the time, being able to make fast decisions, and prioritize what, when, and where to engage what you've learned.

Not only does my program included six complete specialties, but each one requires at least two dives. These specialties not only offer the foundation of skills necessary to become a Master Diver, but you should be using them on every dive. I don't know about you, but Underwater Archeology and Marine Life Identification are not the first things that come to mind when I want my students to develop advanced skills.

All of these specialties have an educational component directly tied to them. Not only will you use of those skills during the course, but you'll be evaluated before being awared any certification. Being an advanced diver is a big deal to me. Some of my advanced divers are fundamentally more skilled than some instructors I've seen. Don't settle for a plastic card -- that's not what you've paid for...