Master Diver Program
(Educational Components, Certification Dives, and Certification Card)
Advanced (obtained) + Scuba Rescue + BLS/CPR & First Aid + Oxygen Administration

The Master Diver is the highest ranking, most skilled diver without a professional standing. After achieving my Advanced Diver ranking, you'll add rescue skills, CPR and First Aid, and be able to administer emergency oxygen in an emergency situation. Just like the high standards that are a part of my advanced program, my Master Diver program is a cut above the rest.

While this is still not a professional ranking, I want all my students to be ready for that avenue if they so desire. Master Divers, not to be confused with Divemaster, is the ranking where they should have their skills dialed in, be able to make emergency decisions, and be a leader.

While the industry doesn't allow for Master Divers to lead groups, teach, or supervise, I believe that Divemasters should be learning a new set of skills that compliment the instructors they work with. Divemasters shouldn't be used to carry tanks and herd divers. How is that professional?

The Master Diver Program is also an excellent gateway to becoming a NAUI "Training Assistant." For those that want to have more responsibility yet don't want to have the risks or liability associated at the Divemaster level, Training Assistant could follow. If you are looking to be the diver that everyone looks up to, Master Diver is your program!