Open Water Diver
(Educational Component and Certification Dives in a Wetsuit)

You will complete all of the educational requirements here then we go to the ocean and complete up to six open water dives! You will do a minimum of four dives over a couple of days but we'll probably have a couple of excursions into the water to do a weight check, buoyancy check, and some skills.

Spending two days diving in the Puget Sound is a great way to prepare for what the underwater world has to offer. We stay in a motel right on the water, walk down a few stairs and we're diving. The Puget Sound offers some of the best diving in North America.

During the warmer months, a wetsuit is adequate. Just like any activity you do where the weather is colder than you like, proper thermal protection is the key. We still go snow skiing, camping, and other activites where the weather isn't the best, but the key is not to feel miserable! If you're cold, put on another layer. If you're too warm, take one off...

This program will prepare you for any diving conditions anywhere in the world. Learning to dive in conditions like the PNW only make you a better diver if you apply those skills to all your other dive destinations. If you leave what you learned back home, then you never know what's going to happen. I'm going to teach you how to plan a dive, entries and exits from the water, manage your air, navigation and help you to build confidence!