Open Water Diver Specialist
(Educational Component and Certification Dives in a Drysuit)

Just like the Open Water Diver Program but you'll learn to dive in and you'll also receive a drysuit certification. We dive all year long in the Puget Sound! I've dove all over the world and love coming back to the PNW to dive. My drysuit not only keeps me warm and dry, but I get to do longer dives, my buoyancy is better, and I stay warm in the winter months when I get out of the water on those cold winter days. Water conducts heat away from your body twenty-five times more than air, so having a layer of air around your body really makes a lot of sense.

Even if you choose not to own your own drysuit, with your new certification, you'll have the priviledge to be able to rent one. While you could own your own suit by renting a dozen times a year, the more important factor about diving regularly is that you keep your skills up! This is paramount. Since diver error is the leading cause of injury or death, diving on a regular basis is the best way to reduce the risk.

After a large financial commitment to earning your open water certification, it doesn't make sense to check it off that list and move on to another activity. It takes divers years to master their skills, and like all activities that you do well, they are incredibly more enjoyable. Dive more, dive often, and dive all year long.