Open Water Traveler Pro (Referral Program+)
(Educational Component and 2 Open Water Dives)

Perfect for the diver that is planning to travel to tropical locales and wants complete their last two certification dives at their dive destination. You'll only need one day and two dives at your destination. I'll even help you coordinate the dives with an instructor or dive shop anywhere the world! It's faster, better than any traditional referral, and you'll also get to experience diving in the Pacific Northwest!

I understand that your time is limited. The great thing about the Open Water Traveler PRO is you'll get to see what a thorough dive briefing is truly all about, experience what's truly required to go diving into a body of water you've never been in before, and there's no cutting corners just to get the next set of divers through the door.

When you arrive at your destination, you only need to book two dives with an instructor and upon completion of those dives, you'll be certified. If you read the blog below about my recent trip to Mexico, you'll see how proper dive planning doesn't always go the way it should -- even to instructors!

Please watch this video about learning locally instead of completing your certification dives elsewhere: So, you want to learn how to scuba dive on your vacation. Please learn locally!

Please read, "Checklist for Referral Divers" for more information about the importance of thorough training and what happens when's there are short-cuts!