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SPECIALTY COURSES (not all specialties require educational material)

Open Water Scuba Diver certification is required for Specialty Courses or Advanced, Master, Training Assistant, and Divemaster Programs. Prior to in-water course work, an in-water evaluation will be conducted. Scuba skills evaluations are for review purposes. Demonstration of: equipment assembly, entries, underwater communication, regulator clearing, locating secondary and alternate regulators, mask clearing, air sharing, air sharing ascents, controlled emergency swimming ascents, oral inflation of buoyancy compensation device (above and below water), demonstration of neutral buoyancy, proper use of scuba diving equipment, exits, and equipment disassembly are required. Upon successful demonstration of skills, student can proceed to course or program. If skills are unsuccessfully demonstrated, a review of all the above listed skills will be required prior to course or program beginning at the cost of $150. There is no refund of course or program fees if student is unable to successfully demonstrate skills in a safe and adequate fashion.


Single Specialty Diver with Certification Dives and Certification Card
Open Water Cross-Over and Certification Dives and Certification Card

Scuba Rescue and Advanced Scuba Rescue with Certification Dives and Certification Card

Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Neurological Assesment, and Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN First Aid Courses for Scuba Divers
2010 AHA Guidelines Download
USCG First Aid Equipment and Training Download
$300 ($100 each if taken separately)

Some of my specialty courses are discounted when taken at the same time as my scuba diver program. During the basic scuba course, you can also take drysuit diving and nitrox diver for only $100 additional, each.

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