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My programs include the class, pool, certification dives, and certification card! No hidden fees or hidden charges. In a hurry? Expedited services available. Please click HERE to compare the costs involved with scuba certification and what you're likely to really pay elsewhere.

Learning a private setting means you get all my attention and you don't get lost in a large class size. Scuba is serious business! Let me take the mystery out of it and help break down many of the myths.

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I offer great rates with detailed, thorough, and extensive education in private classes on your schedule. You'll get trained by an instructor that has a diverse knowledge base encompassing recreational, professional, and technical diving experiences. By combining the best of each, the new diver gets an education that builds confidence through competence. NAUI is known World-Wide for having the most comprehensive diving AND educational programs! Don't settle for less -- Get More -- Be the BEST...
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