What You'll Learn in Chapter's 2-7

Chapter 2
Beyond Basic Gas Management
Gas Management 101 Calculating Surface Air Consumption
Gauging Required Gas Volume
Planning Appropriate Reserve Volume
Carrying a Redundant Gas Source for Security

Chapter 3
Dealing with Equipment Issues
Gas Losses
Free Flowing Regulators
Free Flowing / Malfunctioning LP Inflator
Leaking BCD Broken Mask, Fin Strap, Flooded Dry suit, and Other Nuisances

Chapter 4
Dealing with Emergencies without Panic
Fight or Flight
Deconditioning Panic
Knowing your Comfort Zone
Understanding your Mental Strength
Practice is Cool!

Chapter 5
Staying Too Long, Going Too Deep, Getting Lost
Emergency Decompression
Denial is the First Sign of Decompression Illness
Entrapment and Entanglement
Emergency Up Lines and Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Ascent
Staying on Route
Waypoints in a Dive Plan
Basic Navigation
Kick/Breath Cycles
UW Compass
Dead Reckoning
Defining "Personal Distance Limit"

Chapter 6
Special Equipment for Solo Diving
What Equipment a Solo Diver Needs
Different Types of Redundant Air Sources
H and Y valves and Double Cylinders
Pony Bottle
How to Carry a Stage
Other Mandatory Equipment
Some Optional Pieces
Equipment Configuration

Chapter 7
The Perfect Dive Plan
A Default Plan
Solo Dive Planning Slates
Helping to Make Dive Plans Reflect Reality
How to Apply Solo Diving Techniques
Next Steps

Buddy System Has Basic Flaws
Solo Diving and Risk Management
Solo Divers Make Better Buddies
When Not to Dive Solo
What You'll Learn in Chapter's 2-7

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