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Diver's Alert Network Specialty Courses
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All courses meet the 2010 ILCOR and AHA CPR guidelines.

As of December 2014, DAN meets the United States Coast Guard requirements for captain and mate licensing requirements.

Please remember, as the science and medical understanding of emergency life saving skills evolve, so must the training of those skills. Anyone that tells you that they have been teaching Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid for 25 years must be using the latest methods, techniques, and tools. Lots of programs make you pay for each specialty separate or leave many parts out, thus their low prices.

I am proud to let you know that you will be learning the most thorough, complete, and real-life techniques in these areas based on current, modern, and the proven science. As an active scuba diving instructor, my students rely on me to keep them safe and be thoroughly and properly trained.

Additionally, these skills will help you in real-world scenarios so you are prepared to assist in life saving support at any time and in most situations.

I gladly offer refreshers to your education every six months for free until you are required to be recertified at two years. Don't let a CPR or First Aid requirement for a job or personal interest be tasks just to get done or cross off your list! Taking this class will prepare you to save a real life for a real person, maybe even someone you love.

Education is done via eBook and then I come to you for review, presentation, and skills.

Availability is based on your schedule and is first come first served.