Specialties & Levels

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Most divers complete their training and have only touched the surface of what they can learn. Learning some new skills in a specialty class can improve your comfort, confidence, and diving opportunities. By the time you're done with your Open Water training you will have completed at least four Open Water dives. If you're going to dive in the Pacific Northwest, you will want to dive in a drysuit. Adding the Drysuit Diver Specialty (Open Water Specialist) will add a couple more dives, but will be totally worth it! Learning to dive in a drysuit is not difficult. Proper techniques from the beginning make all the difference.

Below are some of the extra specialties you will want to learn. Most start off with Night, Deep, Nitrox, and Navigation. My favorites are: Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Wreck, and Equipment Techniques! Most specialties only take an hour or two in class, a dive or two, and you get to start putting your new skills to work right away. If you don't have any of the specialized equipment that you might need, I can help you find it at some of the dive shops that I have a personal relationship with. This is a great time to learn some fantastic skills, get some cool tools, and become an even better diver.
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