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Let me show you the best dive sites in the Pacific Northwest

Stated to be the best diving in the world by Jacques Cousteau, diving in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) can rival and surpass most tropical destinations. One of the greatest destinations within this area is the Puget Sound. The sound boasts an amazing 1,332 miles of coastline topped only by the incredible diversity of life.

The Giant Pacific Octopuses are back...!!! There is one under a local shallow boat who recently reached out and touched my arm and in early October I saw one sitting on a pile of bull kelp right out in the open. Two of my students saw them, too. I think the winter 2015 diving season is going to be full of great octopus encounters.

There is boat and shore diving, as well as shallow dives for beginners, deep dives for the intermediate and advanced, as well as and technical dives that can challenge even the most adventurous. You'll see: Fish , Sharks, Skates, Rays, Cephalopods, Crustaceans, Shellfish, Echinoderms, miscellaneous Invertebrates, Marine Plants, Marine Mammals, as well as an incredible array of land animal and birds. Click on this LINK to see and learn a little more about them. Of all the animals, the Giant Pacific Octopus lives here! She is my favorite! I can take you to some of my favorite dive sites to see one! ...and did I mention that they can grow to fourteen feet long?

Even if you're aren't interested in the animal life, there is an abundance of wrecks, natural and artificial reef systems, and an amazing amount of junk that is always fun to come across and discover.

The PNW is also famously known for it's lakes which also boast some amazing diving opportunities. Here is a List of Lakes in Oregon.

For those that might be brave enough to dive in the very coldest waters, Oregon is home to several "clear lakes." Averaging at between 35 and 43 degrees, and with unlimited visibility, it's diving that you cannot afford to miss!