If you want to learn how to scuba dive, please consider JCA Elite Scuba. I'm an independent scuba diving instructor. I've been instructing students throughout the United States since 2008. I'll teach you how to scuba dive while on a schedule that best works for you. Emphasis is always on safety, education, and truly understanding the nuances required to be a great diver.

Every student gets individualized attention and you'll never need to keep up with others typically found in large class sizes. I don't sell equipment so there's never any pressure to buy gear. I also have all the equipment you'll need to complete your training available to rent. All my classes are privately taught, there are no hidden fees, and you have my personal guarantee that scuba diving will change your life forever!

I wish to personally thank everyone that has been a part of making JCA Elite Scuba a success in the Pacific Northwest over the last five years. I continue to pledge the greatest dedication to you and am looking forward to continued adventures and new discoveries in the beautiful underwater world. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                           --carlos, NAUI Instructor #55887

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Private and Independent Instruction

Scuba Certification and Refresher Courses

Portland, Vancouver, and the Pacific Northwest

Elite scuba diving instruction, specialty certification, technical training and refresher courses. Learn to dive in the ocean in real world diving conditions. Be the best diver you can be with complete and thurough training. Discover the difference today.

I place the strongest emphasis on education, planning, proper techniques, entries / exits, contingencies, emergency skills and safety in a real world in-water diving environment. Maximum of two students in the water at any one time.

Courses taught on your schedule. Additional dives requested / required included without additional expense. Never any sales pressure and nothing ever to buy.

Has it been a while since you've been diving? It's time to take a refresher course. Click here to see the refresher courses outline.

Do you want to finish your certification dives at your destination? No problem! We can do the lessons here and then I can refer you to any dive shop, instructor, or agency anywhere in the world!

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