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Portland and Vancouver

JCA Elite Scuba provides the best scuba diving lessons, certification, and technical dive training in the Pacific Northwest.

Your scuba diving certification will be taught on your schedule, where you can take as long as you want with personal and individualized attention. I come to you for classes.

Has it been a while since you've been diving? Refresher courses can be conducted in my pool and/or on a dive. Click here to see the refresher course outline.

You'll learn to dive with beautiful sea creatures and create memories that will last a lifetime. Scuba diving isn't just a cool thing to do on vacation, but an experience to share with friends and family!
Do you want to finish your certification dives at your destination? No problem! We can do class and pool here and then I can refer you to any dive shop, instructor, or agency anywhere in the world.
Great training should never be an accident...

In the July 2012 issue of Dive Training Magazine, Alex Brylske responds to those that write in to the magazine in his piece called, "No Dumb Questions." A letter came in to him and he responded to, Addressing the Issue of Diver Competence. I loved this article so much, that I share it with my new students. Alex points out, "There's also a lot of confusion about exactly what training can realistically achieve. Divers are initially qualified through a certification process, but they remain qualified only through continued experience. "In no field can certification alone guarantee competence." Click here to continue reading about it...

Bret Gilliam, the author of Dive Training Today A Perspective: An industry and training veteran says a poorly trained diver is a dropout statistic waiting to happen. Are you one of them? Do you agree?" Bret lists eleven matters of concern and discusses them. I've been teaching that "confidence fosters competence" for a long time. Bret mentions that same philosophy. "I am deeply concerned about the dumbing down of dive training on all levels. Of course, the impetus originates with some agencies that see the strategy enrolling and graduating more students. But, it seems, they miss the point about customer retention. People that are not fully competent are not confident." The confidence that student's build starts by good training, meeting their individual needs, being flexible, and most of all, being patient. Human beings are not aquatic animals and while some people do incredibly well, water is not our natural environment. Click here to continue reading about it...

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