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Finish your classes in a few days or a few weeks...

"As a private instructor, you make the schedule and I come to you for the educational review portion of your certification."

Here is how my programs works. When you are ready to sign up, I will send you an invoice for the cost of the program you want.

Then, you'll start with a self-study program. Upon your completion, I come to you and we'll review everything you've learned and take a final exam.

Next, pick a day to do pool work with me to introduce the skills necessary to scuba dive. If you're taking my Open Water Traveler Progam, I'll write you a referral to any instructor or dive shop anywhere in the world! You'll complete at least 4 dives over 2 days at your dive destination.

If taking the Open Water Traveler PRO Program, you and I will go up to the Puget Sound for one day of diving and complete a couple of open water dives. You'll receive a referral for the remaining one day of diving and skills at your dive destination.

If you are completing all your certification dives here with me, you and I will schedule a couple of days of diving in the Puget Sound. During our dives, you will learn about dive planning, demonstrate the skills and attitude needed to be an autonomous and certified scuba diver, and best of all, begin your life-long exploration of the underwater world!

All of my courses always include more education than any traditional program you'll find, anywhere! All my courses always include more dives, too. In order to excel in any program and as a diver, standards and guidelines should always be the minimum of what you get and what you deserve!

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Open Water Traveler (Referral Program)

Open Water Traveler PRO (Referral Program)

Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver SPECIALIST

Advanced Open Water Program

Master Diver Program

Divemaster Program


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